Lone Design Club x The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate partnered with Lone Design Club to launch a pop up on Regent Street which brought together industry leaders, change-makers and a range of sustainability conscious, independent fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. The store aimed to showcase the small steps we can all make towards a more sustainably-conscious lifestyle, through a free events programme, and upcycling and rental areas in store.

The Strategy

Audience clusters

To achieve our goal, we created two audience clusters targeting GenZ and women with interest in sustainable fashion. Using localAudience capabilities, Locala created a competitor conquesting strategy to target  users seen in other stores that are offering sustainable clothing. 


Locala created a set of 3 creative sizes, allowing us to maximize our campaign reach. The combination of animated banner, video MPU and interstitial formats drove strong engagement from users exposed to a greater variety of media content.  

Location capabilities 

Locala leveraged our proprietary and highly accurate location-based targeting to precisely reach users within a set catchment from Regent Street to drive users to visit the pop-up store.

The Results

Highlight the key results of the campaign

  • Impressions : 274,555 impressions and a total of 124,703 unique users exposed to the campaign.
  • Clicks and CTR : 2,405 clicks with a 0.88% CTR (within benchmark of 0.8% to 1%)
  • Landing page / visits : 1,452 arrivals on the store locator map

Key results for a Drive-to-Store campaign

  • Store visits : 243 (strong for a popup store only open for 1 month)
  • Visitation rate : 0.195% on exposed group
  • Footfall uplift : 32.43% (above benchmark at 21%)
  • Cost Per Visit = £14.40 (below benchmark of £23) 

"When The Crown Estate, in partnership with Lone Design Club, decided to raise awareness about sustainable fashion with the launch of a pop up store on Regent Street for only one month, it was clear we needed to find the right partner to best target our audience and get the best results within a short timeframe. Thanks to Locala, we were able to measure the impact of our campaign in real time and get granular insights on the effectiveness of our campaign.”

Nikita Shah- Senior Account Manager at The Grove Media

"Being able to support a great cause and help change mindsets was key to this activation. By combining mobility and demographic data, Locala was able to find the right audience who showed an interest in sustainable fashion and to measure the effectiveness of the campaign in real time. We were very pleased to support The Grove Media, The Crown Estate and Lone Design Club with this activation."

Caroline Sajas - Locala Business Director, UK