Although mass campaigns seem to be a good way for automotive brands to increase their visibility, is there a better way to generate business KPIs? In an industry where there’s fierce competition for consumers’ attention, brands are now turning to mobile advertising to stand out and reach over-solicited buyers. Automotive heavyweight SEAT is clearly up to the challenge.

Campaign Insights

SEAT partnered with media agency Re-Mind PHD and drive-to-store specialist S4M to create a dynamic video campaign to help customers immerse themselves in the SEAT brand universe. The brand’s goal was to generate incremental visits to their dealerships and increase their sales while optimizing their budget.

Together, we designed 20 different ad formats to benefit the user experience and drive consumers to SEAT’s showrooms. Our creatives targeted specific audiences with the ad that was best suited to the user’s lifestyle and browsing environment. To help buyers access dealerships, shoppers could access driving or walking directions to the nearest SEAT showroom with just one tap.

Throughout the campaign, we used our Dynamic Catchment Area geolocation technology to target areas with a high saturation of potential car buyers within an optimal travel time to dealerships. Through geolocated data, we drove consumers to dealerships, revealed insights into their behavior and replicated high catchment areas to target new consumers.

Campaign Results

The SEAT campaign generated impressive business KPIs, with an average of 5 days recorded between ad exposure and dealership visit. Overall, SEAT registered a +16% footfall uplift while the cost per incremental visit decreased by 20%, demonstrating a significant return on ad spend. The viewability rate for this campaign was 77%, 20 points above the market average for smartphone and programmatic in-app, while the conversion rate for the store locator was 56%, vs. a 45% market average. The campaign also stood out with a CTR which rose 2.5X by campaign end.

By running this campaign on an always-on approach for six months, SEAT optimized their strategy towards an impressive ROI while reducing client costs in a highly competitive market.

“We’re very happy with our partnership with S4M because it allows us to meet all our marketing objectives. That’s why we’ve chosen to continue our partnership and increase media activations all year long.” Brice Renvoizé – Digital & Experience Manager – SEAT