HOP! - Air France

HOP! is a regional airline owned by Air France that operates domestic and regional flights. They partnered with S4M to execute a geo-targeted mobile campaign across the country to advocate to consumers that air travel is cheaper and faster than trains. This campaign successfully challenged the train-dominated preference status quo in France and generated more than 590 hours of engagements from exposed users and the brand.

Campaign Insights

HOP! wants to win over domestic and regional travellers in France, where trains have been the dominating mode of transportation in the past century. This mobile campaign geo-fenced travel hubs such as airports and train stations around France to promote air-travel as a more efficient alternative. S4M also defined and targeted two specific audience clusters of business travellers and consumers traveling for leisure. Finally, as a digital-native brand, HOP! wanted to leave exposed users with a lasting impression. To do this, they leveraged S4M’s 3D Cube format to display multiple messages personalized by destination and travel time.

Campaign Results

This campaign exceeded stated initial objectives and S4M generated 12,087,433 ad impressions that were 100% loaded plus one second. 236,061 clicks were generated and S4M applied fraud click filters to generate 221,061 clicks net of fraud throughout the campaign. The difference between the gross and net clicks saved 7.5% of the media budget that would have otherwise been lost to fraud. The user swipes on the 3D cube format combined with the clicks accumulated to an interaction rate of 8.63%. After clicking on the ad, the users were redirected to HOP!’s landing page that was fully loaded plus one second. With S4M’s tag on the landing page, the campaign counted 56,116 true user visits on the landing page following ad exposure and the average time spent was 38 seconds.