The Nespresso story began more than 30 years ago with a simple idea: enable anyone to create the perfect cup of espresso coffee – just like a skilled barista. From its beginning in 1986, Nespresso has redefined and revolutionized the way millions of people enjoy their espresso coffee and shaped the global coffee culture.

The Brief

Nespresso wanted to encourage more discerning coffee drinkers to engage with the brand by exploring their online site and visiting their boutiques across the US. 

Covid-19 brought along a host of new challenges, inspiring Nespresso to open up new click-and-collect services, as well as doubling-down on their location-based marketing strategy to drive consumers to their open boutiques.

The Strategy

S4M’s drive-to-store platform delivers advertising that drives consumers to visit physical and online store locations. Working with Merkle, Nespresso and S4M joined forces to encourage visits to their boutiques. The campaign was uniquely designed to reach Nespresso’s target audience of coffee drinkers.

Competitor Conquesting

A key element of the campaign strategy was to target consumers who were previously competitor customers. S4M’s audience and DCA tactics were designed to offer consumers more information about Nespresso, and persuade them to switch loyalties to the Nespresso brand.

Audience Targeting

S4M identified users who matched Nespresso’s customer profile, targeting users who were:

  • Living or working in metropolitan areas
  • Had a household income of over $50,000 per year
  • Known coffee lovers
  • Had been previously seen visiting competitor brands

Dynamic Catchment Area

In addition to audience targeting, S4M leveraged its proprietary Dynamic Catchment Area technology. This enabled the Nespresso campaign to reach consumers within:

  • A 15 minute walking time of a Nespresso boutique
  • A competitor location

It was also used to target users within areas that had a high affinity to Nepresso boutiques.

The Creative

The campaign used a combination of banners and MPU formats, enabling high reach in a user-friendly environment. Over 28 different creative formats were deployed over the course of the campaign.

The Results

  • S4M reduced the Cost Per Visit by 65% between Sep 20 and March 21
  • The Q4 holiday campaign drove a 10.9% foot traffic uplift
  • It generated over 60,000 boutique visits
  • And increased landing page conversion rate from 37% to 63%, with a Q4 high of 73% 

The first campaign was so successful that S4M became Nespresso’s always-on partner, running campaigns continuously from September 2020 and campaign results continue to deliver a  return on investment for the brand. 

‘What we liked the most about the S4M product offering was the fact that it had such a broad technology that allowed us to run our campaigns in the most efficient way. Between precise geo targeting and audience targeting, we had the most efficient campaigns to run during the key period of the year.’ – Nicolas Lariane, Performance Media Manager, Nespresso USA

‘The success of the Nespresso campaign highlights the benefits of running long-term activations when it comes to drive-to-store campaigns. Our technology has reduced the Cost Per Visit by over 65%, improving Nespresso’s return on investment and helping them remain resilient throughout the pandemic’. – Stan Coignard, S4M Americas CEO