Brico & BricoPlanit

Belgians love looking after their home and garden, and they’re spending more on this than ever. By 2024, the home and furniture sector is set to reach a projected €459 million, with an annual growth rate of 5.6%.

The Brief

With more people spending time at home and looking for ways to spruce up their space, leading Belgian hardware chain Brico & BricoPlanit wanted to catch consumers’ eyes with their wide range of DIY, home decoration, and gardening products and drive them to their stores.

The Strategy

Brico & BricoPlanit partnered with media agency Semetis and S4M for a recurring digital campaign to drive more customers to stores for their special Sunday openings. To do so, S4M developed a drive-to-store strategy using interactive mobile ad formats to reach the relevant audiences at the most suitable time.

The campaign was run five times over five months, each spanning a few days, with the first two being targeted at all home-improvement and gardening enthusiasts. We then added an 18+ targeting filter for Brico & BricoPlanit’s third advertising occurrence to reach a more specific audience, and compared results with previous affinity clusters – groups of people with the same interests and concerns – to adjust targeting criteria. We refined the audience even further for the fourth and fifth occurrences by targeting competitor audience clusters, ensuring Brico & BricoPlanit’s ad spend reached the consumers most likely to convert to a store visit.

By running this campaign on a recurring basis, S4M not only helped Brico & BricoPlanit increase their reach and visibility, but we also helped the chain decrease their cost per visit as the campaign went on thanks to our optimization solutions and targeting capabilities.

S4M combined a mix of interstitial, MPU, and banner formats to widen Brico & BricoPlanit’s advertising reach, allowing them to optimize towards the best return on ad spend while diversifying their ad display. These ads were geared towards in-app environments, leveraging GPS location data collected with users’ consent.

Throughout the campaign, we combined our Dynamic Catchment Area (DCA) tool and Fusio, our proprietary drive-to-store platform, to leverage users’ real-time location to deliver a live map showing walking or driving directions to their nearest Brico & BricoPlanit outlets.

The Results

Brico & BricoPlanit’s mobile-to-store campaign generated impressive business results. Since its start in May 2020, it delivered a staggering five million impressions – all fully rendered in a brand-safe environment. This exposure generated an average conversion rate of 46% and over 6,000 visits to Brico & BricoPlanit stores, which translated into a 7% footfall uplift.

With each new advertising occurrence, performance improved thanks to more precise targeting. This is particularly true once ad targeting was focused on the 18+ and competitors’ audience clusters. With these new criteria, Brico & BricoPlanit noticed an average CTR of 1.25% for the last three occurrences, as opposed to 0.74% for the first two, reaching the right customers at the appropriate moment of their browsing journey and driving them to visit Brico & BricoPlanit stores.