Data Engineer

S4M delivers advertising that drives more customers to stores, dealerships and restaurants. Our drive-to-store platform, Fusio, delivers incremental customer visits which are always independently verified. Founded in 2011, S4M’s platform is available globally, and used by over 1,000 brands worldwide to drive customers to physical locations.

We are truly passionate about data at S4M, and we are proud to use mature cutting-edge technology. We aim to be data-driven in every department. This is a great opportunity to be a real contributor to our company goals and provide solutions from insight to machine learning powered decision systems. Dare you join us ? 😀

We’re looking for a Data Engineer to join a mixed team of Data Engineers and Data Scientists and work closely with our lead data Engineers and the VP Data.

This department is a key part of our SaaS products, as the Data Core Team will ensure that all our data is consistent and usable by our internal teams.

Working closely with the Data Science team shows us that a data driven approach is possible and relevant for our product management, finance & central teams.

Your role:

As a member of the Data Team, you will enhance and support all our current and future data pipelines.

S4M manages 100K+/QPS in a cost effective AWS cloud environment and heavily uses big data solutions to support our needs: Apache Spark on Databricks, Apache Flink, Kafka Streams, Apache Kafka, AWS Athena, AWS Redshift, Airflow …

In addition to other members of the team, your specific tasks will include:

  • Improve our data governance solution by creating synergy with our current data stack
  • Support and develop our current data stack/core (currently we have a databricks delta lake)
  • Take actions and design solutions that will lead to a global data quality approach ensuring a consistency over all our touchpoints
  • Understand and support our system capabilities (such as our real time data layer)
  • Improve, support or develop features & integration to the company wize needs, such as our current data alerting solutions that will be used across all engineering departments
  • Listen and support the needs of our main data lake users, including the data scientists and machine learning engineers

Hard Skills

As a member of the data engineering team, you will have to show:

  • 5+ years of experience or expertise in JVM environments
  • At least 3+ years of experience using Apache Spark and other distributed frameworks such as Apache Flink
  • A strong understanding of data lake designs and how to achieve a data as a service offer
  • Familiarity working with data governance tools or experience relative
  • Experience that demonstrates how lineage and data quality is part of your work
  • Experiences with data orchestration tools such as Airflow, Oozie
  • Knowledge of data privacy reglementations such as GDPR

Soft skills

Communication will be key and you’ll have to demonstrate strong communication skills by providing a clear understanding of your vision, milestones and deliverables.

Working in the ad tech industry will ask you to have a strong understanding of our industry and a business approach to every technical solution.

At S4M, we are committed to diverse and inclusive hiring and to promoting equal opportunities throughout our processes and beyond. Our offers are open to everyone, regardless of origin, gender, religion, disability, etc. Do not hesitate to apply!